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Istanbul, Turkey

Come experience this majestic city as it sprawls over two continents and numerous centuries. This metropolitan crossroads of the world brings ancient civilizations to life, and invites you to explore it’s uniquely rich history and peoples.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a place truly like no other. The city has a culture all its own with a unique historical blend of French and Spanish colonialism.


Have you ever dreamed of cruising the Nile and standing in awe of the pyramids in Giza? Here is your chance! Our amazing itinerary includes the Philae Temple, Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings and Temple of the Queens, to name a few of the fantastic places you will see.

Churchill, Manitoba

This small town on the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada will blow your mind! Explore the area in a Tundra vehicle and make sure you bring your camera to snap a shot of a polar bear in its natural habitat.


Start and end this one week epic experience in Madrid, but spend 5 nights in the beautiful city of Valladolid – once Spain’s capital many years ago. With Valladolid as your hub, you will truly feel like at home and like a friend everywhere you go. There will be no shortage of experience regarding history, culture, or cuisine, but far less crowds!

Savannah, Georgia

In Savannah, you will instantly feel like you are stepping back in time when strolling the streets and gazing at the beauty that surrounds you in this town. Savannah was even named the 4th best city in the USA by Travel + Leisure this year.


Venice is certainly a city not to be missed with a rich history that is deeply intertwined with that of one of our other favorite cities, Istanbul.

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Epic Venice was beyond epic! Everything about this trip was more delightful than I could have imagined. When the trip was coming to an end I couldn't believe it was time to leave, I wanted to stay longer. Venice is an awe inspiring city with so much to experience. What can I say, I want to do it again! Maybe an Epic Venice 2 with a cooking class?

Alberta C


The Oasis of Egypt trip was absolutely the best & most exciting adventure I have ever been on! I have traveled a lot but this trip, with this group of wonderful friends (old & new), was the stuff of dreams. I can't imagine anything better than this trip, but I will keep on traveling and having a great time.

Alberta C


It was a wonderful trip planned by Pat Remler and hosted by CulturED Travel. The desert was fascinating in all its forms and secrets. The drivers were skillful and likeable as was Ahmet who was our Egyptian manager. Stacey was fun to get to know and our group was diverse in their professions and interesting in their conversations.

Leigh G


This was my fifth trip to Egypt and it has to one of the most memorable. The organization was at the CulturEd level which is to say excellent. The subject matter was just stunning. The beauty of the desert is amazing, and the history of the oasis are spectacular. If you have been on the Karim tour on the Nile and you are looking for even more from Egypt, this is the trip for you.

Matthew M


Cultured Travel is the answer to one’s innate longing for exploration of the world; people and their history, their culture, their life, all of the many ways they interact with their environment and their animal life, the tools they use, the foods they eat, their beliefs and daily practices that differ from one’s own. Cultured Travel offers these experiences while feeling safe and secure. They have a talent for gathering people who are open and engaging and pleasant travel companions. On this trip, the guides were extraordinary experts in the history and culture of the region. And the food was great!

Rita B