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Current Destinations


Istanbul, Turkey

Come experience this majestic city as it sprawls over two continents and numerous centuries. This metropolitan crossroads of the world brings ancient civilizations to life, and invites you to explore it’s uniquely rich history and peoples.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The enchanted island, also known as the pearl of the Caribbean, awaits you with rich history, signature music, and adventures around every corner and beach of this tropical oasis!

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a place truly like no other. The city has a culture all its own with a unique historical blend of French and Spanish colonialism.


Have you ever dreamed of cruising the Nile and standing in awe of the pyramids in Giza? Here is your chance! Our amazing itinerary includes the Philae Temple, the Botanical Garden of Aswan, Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings and Temple of the Queens, to name a few of the fantastic places you will see.


& Sample Itinerary Items

We have more destinations coming soon!


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Emma McKibbin

Even in unfamiliar places, like Tanzania and Turkey, I felt safe and free to enjoy my travel. That trip was an unforgettable opportunity to explore the wide spectrum of life outside of my own small community.

Destinations: London, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Tanzania, and Istanbul

Jennifer Tritt

My Spanish Club’s trip to Puerto Rico … changed my goals, my dreams, and taught me that anything in life was possible if you were willing to push yourself hard enough. It was a trip, and a lesson.

Destination: Puerto Rico

Nicole Peterson

I have been learning about future trips that will be offered by CulturED Travel and I’m very excited that we will be able to send our youngest… We are extremely excited that he is able to travel and I could not feel any more at ease about sending him…

Parent of Students to Peru, Spain and Italy

Alix Striker

Exploring the world and learning about different cultures is so important to building your worldview, and there’s not one thing I would change about any trip… except to make them even longer.

Destinations: China, Egypt, Italy, and Canada

Allison Konkle


Our trip gave me an empowering feeling, like I accomplished something very large in my life: I could say I traveled, and experienced cultures – not only the good but also the bad. … Just experiencing the authenticity of a culture and community was the treasure of the trip. I hope everyone else can see and enjoy that as well.

Destination: Puerto Rico

Amanda Shaub


Traveling to Puerto Rico … left a lasting impression on me and has fueled my desire to travel. … I learned the value of emerging yourself into other cultures and the benefit of learning another language.

Destination: Puerto Rico

Program Directors

Jewel Rozanski

Jewel Rozanski obtained her undergraduate degree and M.Ed. from Edinboro University. She has extensive experience in leading student trips abroad. Her unique study abroad experience was in Merida, Mexico.

Gladys Archer

Gladys Archer graduated from Houghton College with a degree in Biblical Literature, History, and French minor. Her study abroad experience was in London, England, through the Honors Program and the J.R.W. Stott Institute for Contemporary Christianity.