“You can live in any city in America, but New Orleans is the only city that lives in you.”

New Orleans is a place truly like no other. The city has a culture all its own with a unique historical blend of French and Spanish colonialism. Our itineraries will provide you with the chance to explore the French Quarter, see many great museums, sample authentic Creole cuisine, get carried away in the moment listening to jazz music, and more! Just interested in the French and Spanish aspect of the Big Easy? Special arrangements can easily be made to the itinerary so travelers can explore past and present French and Spanish cultures without ever leaving U.S. soil. Just interested in U.S. History or Music?  Let us know and we will show you how this city provides an experience which will perfectly meet your interests.

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My son recently went on the trip to New Orleans. As a father, I simply paid and got him to the airport, so that was easy. He absolutely positively enjoyed every minute of his trip. He loved trying new foods, the varied itinerary, and meeting new people. As a parent, do whatever you can to make this happen for your child, they will not forget it.

-Patrick Sweeney