“If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.”

Why Istanbul? Come experience this majestic city as it sprawls over two continents and numerous centuries. This metropolitan crossroads of the world brings ancient civilizations to life, and invites you to explore it’s uniquely rich history and peoples. Visit its mosques, churches, art, and exotic bazaars. Take in the views of the Bosporus, and explore the 8500 years of stories that make up the stunning city history catalogs as the desired jewel of the empires. Tours take place in September annually.



Adventure Awaits

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I went with the McKissocks on my very first international trip with destinations like London, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Tanzania, and Istanbul. As a first-time traveler, I was anxious, of course, about being late or getting lost. But on this trip, I had nothing to worry about! Everything was perfectly under control and in the hands of expert travelers. I could relax while fully experiencing the new cultures and sceneries surrounding us. Even in unfamiliar places, like Tanzania and Turkey, I felt safe and free to enjoy my travel. That trip was an unforgettable opportunity to explore the wide spectrum of life outside of my own small community.

Emma McKibbon

Student, 2018